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Amateur Web Design

November 3, 2010


There are a lot of amateur web designers out there.  They post on forums, and advertise freakishly cheap prices, like $150 for a website.  The differences between them and those of us that do this professionally are too many to be named.  Obviously the pricing is a huge difference, they charge for an entire website what my hourly rate is.  But then again, I don’t really make just the brochure 4 page websites, we actually write custom applications that do very complex things ranging from e-commerce to mission critical business processes.

Another huge difference is the professionals actually stick to standards and try to keep up with trends and new technology, unlike the 15 year old designers working from mom’s house.  I found out recently about this “company” (LR Web Design).  First, they call HTML “coding” which is a complete misnomer.  And then talked down Dreamweaver, and yet their “code” is at least 10 years out of date.  No CSS, inline font tags, UPPERCASE tags, image maps for menus, and tables for very basic positioning.  Here is another one of their websites: http://knbcolo.webs.com/ .  They don’t even use a true host, but a free website company.  Let me fill you in, none of this is what you want your company to have on its website.  It is unprofessional and doesn’t really put your best foot forward.  But if you want a slow loading website on a free host with no custom anything, by all means go with one of these people.  Otherwise, go with someone with training, experience, and credentials, as well as a portfolio with real clients you have heard of.

Like wine & cars, you get what you pay for with websites.  I wouldn’t want my company looking cheap.

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Stop invading my ears!

October 18, 2010


To everyone out there that thinks it is “cool” or “neat” to put music on your website, do the rest of us a favor, and don’t.  While I understand the aesthetic nature of some sound,  for the most part it is just annoying.  When online, I usually listen to iTunes, and the last thing I want is some hideously encoded streaming .wav file repeating the same 6 seconds of music over and over again.  Unless I really need to be on your website, I hit back on my mouse and try to immediately start repressing the memory that is your website.

At the end of the day, music requires a lot of bandwidth for those of you hosting the music files, a lot more than even a complex page (assuming your images are optimized, but don’t get me started on that today).  And for every Pro:fx out there, there are a 100 Hampsterdance websites.

If you aren’t an amazing DJ, or awesome Flash/Shockwave/Silverlight developer, do us all a favor, and leave the music off your website.  I like my thousands of MP3‘s, and I don’t force you to listen to them.

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Web Design at its Worst

September 28, 2010

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I admit, I like to find gigs on Craigslist.  There are horrible things on there, and some stupid requests (“I need a PMP certified Project Manager with 12 years industry experience that can start today for $12/hr.”), but every now and then, something decent appears.

I was browsing, wondering about competition and stumbled on this website : LeoScorp, LLC .  What a bad name for a company, but when you first look at the site, you are amazed they claim to be in the website building business.  Bad use of colors, background image is distracting, and let’s face it, picking something like Astrology to base your company name/theme/logo on could actually turn people off, especially down here in the Bible Belt.

Assuming you make it past all that, check out their About Us.  Does anyone care they swam together at a public pool?  Does that make them better developers/designers?  If this was their homepage, sure knock yourself out, but on a business site, keep it professional.

Then go to the Services page, where they have a stupid little computer extremely slowing typing out the content.  First, it is slow, I type much faster than that and read WAY faster.  Let’s go already.  I don’t have time to sit there and be annoyed at a little graphic you thought was cute.  Furthermore, doing that stuff isn’t even close to SEO helpful, so maybe it is a good thing you are on Craigslist looking for jobs since Google just isn’t working out for you.

But let’s face it, no matter how bad a site is, it could always be worse.

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New Look for this.rand()

January 19, 2010


Well, it has been a while since I did a new look for our homepage, so here it is.  What do ya think?  This is a theme instead of the usual totally custom method I do, but I like it.  It is a very magazine type of look, but it gets a lot more content on the front page, and uses the sidebars better.  So it should drive a little more traffic, and be easier to use for those that do show up.

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Self Symmetry

April 27, 2009


My good friend Kat over at Self Symmetry recently posted a really nice blog entry thanking me for some work I did for her on that website.  So here is the post, not to toot my own horn, but hopefully get some of our friends more interested in a great yoga teacher! ~ Ryan

With the help of an amazing IT guy, Ryan Meinzer, I am proud to announce the relaunch of my website.  Actually, it’s  just the shopping cart area of my site.  BUT — I do hope you’ll check it out (and Ryan…he’s fast, efficient, easy to understand (he is an IT guy afterall), and can totally hook you up if you need any help in this department.  And, he writes a really good blog too!)

Getting back to me…haha  As you can tell by the name of my company, Self Symmetry, I’m all about finding balance.  I believe that when you find balance; physically, mentally, and spiritually, that you are completely and wholly healthy!  I’m also all about feeling good.   If we can get ourselves feeling good all the time, then our lives will be free flowing and easy.  (I’m not saying that we shouldn’t experience any other emotion, but just that our dominate state should be good and positive.)

With my strong belief in finding balance and feeling good I teach yoga, make jewelry, and now this blog.  If you’re in Dallas/Plano, I would love to have you come take a class of mine.  See my schedule for details.  If you’re not in Dallas, then just go check out a class in your ‘hood.  It’s really amazing, transforming, and healing.

If you’re interested in jewelry, browse around my new shopping cart.  I hand make everything and use semi precious gemstones.  Gemstones have healing properties to them.  They are from the earth, so they hold all kinds of positive energy…making you look good and feel good!  I attach a card to each piece of jewelry describing the stones used and what they do for you energetically.  Because of this, they make awesome, thoughtful gifts (Mother’s Day coming up…hint, hint).  However, if you don’t wear much jewelry, check out BE Charmed!  Who can’t use some extra positive energy?  Side note:  Guys…I don’t have any man jewelry on my site, but I can make you something.  I’ve made several pieces for guys so just email me and we’ll come up with something really manly!

If you’re reading this, then you found my blog.  Congrats!  I would say this blog is on the spiritual side.  It’s about my attempt to live life to the fullest, and all the things that I’ve learned and am still learning.

So there you have it…my shameless self promotion.  I hope you leave my yoga class (or any yoga class) feeling good.  I hope you feel good wearing my jewelry (I know you’ll look good!), and I hope reading my blog leaves you feeling inspired, hopeful, and optimistic!

And Ryan, you rock!  I can’t thank you enough!

Balanced and feeling good – Love, Kat

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February 28, 2009


We went on a getaway earlier this week.  It can be exhausting waiting for the phone to ring or an email to come in about a job opportunity.  It’s important to keep your spirits up, so we’ve been trying to frequent parks and take in as much fresh air as we can.  That’s a difficult thing to do living in the city, so we decided to go camping.

We were headed up to OK, but found out there was a burn ban, and what’s the fun in camping without a fire?  We ended up at Martin Creek State Park, in one of their little cabins.  We like to do tent camping, but Illianna is still a little too young.  Illianna loved running around the cabin and exploring the woods.  She was collecting things and giggling at every corner.  I’ve never seen her so filthy, and let me say she is a regular mess pot, but this took the cake.  I turned a blind eye to the dirt until she grabbed some cereal which had obviously fallen in the dirt/ash and came up to me with dirty hands and a black mouth trying to spit it out.  Poor little thing.  She’s so well trained to pick her food up and eat it after it’s fallen on the floor.

It was nice to see trees older than a couple of years, and we almost had the park to ourselves, but there was a huge power plant humming in the distance and a stupid train announcing its presence every hour or so.  We were able to see some wildlife, roast marshmellows, hike around, and see a few more stars than we can see from our backyard, but we won’t be returning to that park.  We managed to take a pretty decent photo of ourselves.

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